There are two naturalists in the game in Expert Mode in the arcade version:

Embamba PlainsEdit

On an island after passing Grant's Zebras and Reticulated Giraffes, one will find a naturalist without his eyeglasses. He'll tell the player that the monkey took away his glasses. The monkey is on a tree. If the player hits the tree at a low speed, the glasses will break. If the player hits the tree at full speed, the glasses won't break.


  • That monkey took my glasses! Give it back to me!
  • Here, take this. (If the player breaks his glasses)
  • Thank you so much! I can view my animal sighting. (If the player knocks the tree in full speed)
  • The monkey took my binoculars this time. (If the player returns after success)


  • Leave it. (If the player returns after previous success)

Time Bonus Edit

  • (If successful) +35 seconds
  • (If failed) +3 seconds

Shetani RiversideEdit

Another naturalist is dying of thirst. He gives the ranger a canteen to give him water. There are several water spots:

  • Near the watering hole behind a pride of lions.

If the player collects the water, he must return to the dying naturalist. If the player waits too long, the water will be warm. There are three cutscenes if the player gives him water. If the water is warm, the player won't get extra time. The naturalist won't be in the results. If the player gives him dirty water, he'll receive five seconds. He'll still appear in the results. If the player gives him just right water, the naturalist will be replenished. The player will get thirty seconds.


  • Put some water back in the canteen.
  • Thank you... (If the player gives him water from the watering spot)
  • My stomach is hurting... (If the player gives him dirty water)
  • It's warm! I can't feel it! (If the player waits too long to go)
  • Thank you! I'm back to life. I've heard some legends roaming around the riverside. Catch one if you see one. (If the player gives him clean water)


  • Go to the water spot and stay there. (radar)
  • That's why you made him drink dirty water. (If the player gives him dirty water)
  • It's too late... (If the player gives him warm water)

Time BonusEdit

  • (If successful) +30 seconds
  • (If failed) +1 second