Poacher Hans is a notorious poacher who lives in Shetani Riverside. He is known for poaching animals in the territory. When the player enters the camp, he'll see him on a jeep. You must be fast to go after the jeep then throw a net to capture him. If you break the rope, he'll directly get inside the cave. If he goes into the cave, you won't be able to capture him. If you've thrown a net at the jeep, the game will show the cutscene like you did to an animal. After that, the poacher is locked in a cage with a lion on it.


  • Poacher's camp! (This is the player's only line when entering)
  • Let me out of here! (If the player captures Hans)


  • Capture the escaping car! (As Hans takes off with his jeep)
  • The poacher has escaped. (If Hans goes inside the cave)
  • This will teach him a lesson. (If the player captures Hans)

Time Bonus Edit

  • (If successful) +25 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • There is no cutscene for when the player fails.
  • Poacher Hans holds the rare distinction of being the only human that can be captured in the arcade game.