In the game, a radar is a ranger's navigator. It is used during gameplay. It will give the player hints on what to do.


Jambo! SafariEdit

The radar is red and it will appear during gameplay. It will warn the player of much time is left and also not to stay too long.

Jambo! Safari (Wii)Edit

In the Wii version of the game, the radar is black. The radar is only useful if anything is important. It will give players quests and sometimes give no info what to do. Sometimes, the radar will beep and a man is heard shouting, "Radio alert!".



  • Don't drive too much. (If the player doesn't stop moving)
  • Be careful of your left time. (If the timer is above fifteen seconds)
  • Give up if you can't capture the animal. (If the player has a hard time with an animal)
  • Go after the animals near you.
  • It's making fun of you. (If the player misses the animal or breaks a rope)


  • This is a violent one. (If the player spots an animal such as a Lion)
  • This one is quick. (If the player spots an animal such as a Leopard)
  • It moves fast. (If the player spots a Cheetah)
  • We have no data on this animal! (If the player spots a rare animal such as an Okapi)
  • Use DASH when the animal is far away. (If the player spots any animal from a distance)

Kuungo Prehistoric SiteEdit

  • I can't believe the legend is true. (White Lion)


  • I'm sorry, but the research is over. (If the player runs out of time in the arcade version)
  • It's too late... (If the player gives the elderly naturalist warm water)
  • This is why you made him drink dirty water. (If the player gives the elderly naturalist dirty water)
  • Better not come back here. (If the player catches the wrong mask)