The Saber-toothed Tiger a large extinct genus of cat that occurs in the arcade game. It is a 6-star animal.
Saber-toothed Tiger

Arcade Version Edit

The Saber-toothed Tiger appears in Kuungo Prehistoric Site. It's considered the easiest "legendary" animal to trigger since the only requirement is to reach this stage after using a continue at least once.

Quotes Edit

  • This can't be true... This is supposed to be extinct! (radar)

Ranger Points Edit

  • (Leader, only one) 14100

Time Bonus Edit

  • (Leader, only one) +46 seconds

Trivia Edit

  • As long as one or more continues are used, the Saber-toothed Tiger will appear no matter what. Players attempting to catch Phorusrhacos should use caution since this rule applies even if an S-rank is achieved on Shetani Riverside.
  • The Saber-toothed Tiger appears to be Smilodon, which lived in the Americas rather than Africa.