The Villager is a character who appears in a village within Embamba Plains. When the player meets him, he tells him that a baboon took his mask when his house is on fire. When the special event starts, the player must go after the correct baboon (which is the one leaping on one of the huts) in order to retrieve the mask, consisting of three different colored baboons: red, yellow, and blue. If the player isn't fast enough, the baboons will escape, giving the player no consolation time bonus. If the player hits the rope on the wrong baboon (in which the mask is not the one that the villager lost), the villager will become enraged at the player for giving him the wrong mask.

Depending on each gameplay, each mask that the villager lost is random and changes whenever a new player starts Expert Mode for the first time.


  • The baboon took my colored mask while my house is on fire. Get it back, please!
  • This is the mask I lost. Thank you! Does it suit me? (If the player catches the correct baboon)
  • That's not it! You moron! (If the player catches the wrong baboon)
  • What are you here for? (If the player returns after failure)


  • Hit the rope on the baboon!
  • Return the mask to the villager. (If you have caught the mask from one of the baboons)
  • The baboon has escaped. (If all three baboons escape and you don't capture one of them)
  • Better not come back here. (Failure for giving the villager the mask he has not lost)

Time BonusEdit

  • (If successful) +35 seconds


  • This is one of the few special events that results in no consolation time bonus if failed.